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Digital Platform Development Services

Our Approach to Digital Platform Development

Excel Nearshore understands the positive impact your online platform can have when given the level of care you deserve at every stage of software development. Platforms cannot be rushed to market, lacking proper planning.

Success comes from designing a digital platform that inspires a loyal community. Expert design requires a dedicated team of developers for the entire journey.

We provide you with all of the talents you need on your team, including:

Software Design and Project Management

Excel Nearshore is your partner in platform design. We’ll work with you to plan and map your project while managing the teams and planning release schedules. As your partner, we’ll report to you and ensure you stay on course, implementing changes along the way.

Your Front-End Development Team

Front-end developers work on the visual, customer-facing side of your digital platform. This development includes everything from your theme, logo, and design preferences to mapping the underlying code to a natural, instinctive user interface (UI).

Your Back-End Development Team

Back-end developers write the underlying code for your site or application, including programming all the features connecting to the final polish from your front-end team’s design. The back-end development team also maintains, upgrades, and plans for any security patches or new features you may need.

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We Use the Most Advanced Development Processes

Excel Nearshore follows the Agile methodology of digital platform development, so we’re always moving forward on your platform, sharing central data and progress between all teams.

This methodology provides progress reports and allows us to meet milestones continuously. It also means we’re consistently ready to deploy subsets of your project so you see the tangible progress as it happens.

Why Excel Nearshore?

Excel Nearshore has positioned our development teams to serve as your ideal IT staff augmentation partners. We provide you with the following strategic benefits:

  • Nearshore outsourced development
  • Central Time Zone operating hours
  • Work culture consistent with the US and Canada
  • All English-speaking developers

Our team operates from Costa Rica, which enjoys strong government support for technology businesses. The country is known for its stable political environment fostering safety and security for long-term development