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Nearshore Application Development Case

Case Study: Nearshore Application Development

Companies know where they are headed and what they want but don’t always have the resources to get there themselves. That’s where Excel Nearshore can help. Learn how we stepped in and helped our client with application development staff augmentation and outsourced app development to help them quickly and efficiently reach their goals.

The Challenge

A US-based client who focused on business and registered agent services wanted to build new customer-facing applications and enhance existing ones to drive more customer engagement and value. They had an extensive product development roadmap but lacked the needed developers. Traditional recruiting and hiring were slower and more expensive than what they wanted.

They needed two additional teams of quality developers who could work well with US-based employees. Outsourcing held the promise of lower-cost development and support, but our client wanted to make sure it found the right outsourcing partner. The client recognized the importance of cultural compatibility, similar business hours, appropriate legal protections, and the need to have confidence in the partner’s management team.

The Solution

Unlike other offshore outsourcing options, Excel Nearshore’ development office in Costa Rica met all of our client’s cultural alignment requirements, English fluency, and business hours in the Central Time zone. Their management team valued working with a US-based technology services firm with nearshore application development experience and was looking for a team with which they could easily communicate and collaborate on each project. After evaluating numerous outsourcing firms, they turned to Excel Nearshore to provide their technical development resources.

Recognizing the need for speed, Excel Nearshore recruited developers with the specific technical skills and experience our client sought.We handled all staffing needs for the project, and most positions were filled within 30-60 days and some in as little as two weeks.

By utilizing our nearshore IT staff augmentation services, our client has been able to rapidly develop applications and APIs to support business workflows within budget. They’ve embraced their Costa Rican contractors and built a highly efficient work culture enabling our teams to help drive new revenue for their business.

Choose Excel Nearshore

Since 2006, Excel Nearshore has been matching experienced technology professionals with innovative and leading companies, assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly-skilled technical professionals to augment clients’ in-house resources. Some of the available nearshore services we provide include long-term staff augmentation, customer application development, quality assurance, and business process outsourcing.

Our nearshore services provide companies with professional developers and IT experts they can trust to do the job right. With US headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a development center between the business and university districts of San Jose, Costa Rica, Excel Nearshore offers IT staff augmentation services with the convenience and security of working with a reliable U.S. company plus the benefits of a highly affordable, nearshore outsource development team.

Contact us today and discover how Excel Nearshore can help your business meet your nearshore application development needs.

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