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Healthcare IT Staff Augmentation

One of our clients is a healthcare technology provider who offers comprehensive, cloud-based solutions that easily verify care delivery tasks and processes. They use software to streamline patient care, allowing caregivers time to focus on what matters most. The team at Excel Nearshore was able to help meet their need for healthcare IT staff augmentation by utilizing nearshore staffing.

The Challenge

When they came to us, our client was working with an offshore developer who was trying to fill the needs of their internal development team. Unfortunately, our client was frustrated by working with that partner due to the extreme language barrier and significant time zone differences.

Because of those massive roadblocks, our client was unable to effectively communicate their needs and collaborate with the offshore team. This made it difficult to efficiently develop the needed software.

Our client was looking to design and develop an application that could document delivery at the point of care and immediately trigger insurance billing while protecting patient information and remaining compliant with all security regulations. This required a transactional, highly demanding web application based in Java microservices with a Spring Framework backend and an Angular frontend.

They needed an experienced team of developers they could collaborate with in real time to complement their internal team’s strengths.

The Solution

We worked closely with our client to identify all of the necessary skill sets they needed and created an IT staffing augmentation plan. Once that was determined, Excel Nearshore launched a nearshore staffing recruitment campaign and ensured the right people were working with the project to get the best results.

Within ten days, we had shortlisted six highly qualified software developers with knowledge and experience working with Java 8, JavaScript, Angular frameworks, AWS services, Spring, SCRUM software development, and MySQL.

To further involve our client in the process, we provided them with the opportunity to interview the top candidates for approval. This helped guarantee they were satisfied with the talent we had to offer and were familiar with the team’s skills and competencies.

The Results

Within 60 days of the project’s beginning, Excel Nearshore hired four talented developers in Costa Rica with the skills, knowledge, and experience to support our client’s work. Once onboarded, the Costa Rican team started to work remotely with the client’s team in the United States in real time using Scrum methodology.

Throughout the development process, our client monitored progress through tools like JIRA, while Excel Nearshores continued to foster close collaboration and nearshore development services.

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