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The Benefits of Using a Costa Rican Software Development Team

    For better or for worse, when you operate a business, you need software developers as part of your team. One of the first questions that people will ask about your new business is, “What’s your business website?” followed closely by “Is there an app for your business yet?” If you have your site and your app up and running, then you have an excellent chance of capturing their business. If not, then you will get buried by the avalanche of competitors who already have their online presence established. If you want to get top quality without paying top prices on software development Costa Rica has teams that can go to work for you. has built a well-deserved reputation for helping North American business owners with customized software development solutions.

    Many industry leaders have already nearshored their software development to Costa Rica

    The difference between “offshoring” and “nearshoring” is that, in the second instance, business owners deal with teams in another country but close enough to operate in the same, or at least similar, time zones. Finish Line, NBC, and Arrow Electronics are some of the larger companies in the United States that have utilized software development Costa Rica has been able to provide. Intel, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM have even set up offices in the country to take advantage of the talent pool. What these companies are finding is that, through building a partnership with companies like, they receive their software development needs at a fraction of what it would cost them to hire full-time developers, or to hire contractors who also live in the United States or Canada.

    Don’t overlook Costa Rica as a hotbed of software development talent

    It is true that Costa Rica is one of the smaller countries in the Western Hemisphere. However, the talent pool in the nation is elite in the region. According to the 2017 Global Innovation Index released by Cornell, INSEAD, and WIPO, Costa Rica was an innovation leader in Latin America. The country’s combination of skill in the talent pool and commitment to human rights, sustainability, quality of life, and democracy contribute to a culture in the nation that puts professionalism and education first in terms of priorities. In many cases, the talent that has been able to leverage in Costa Rica has been equivalent to – or even better than – available talent in the United States.

    Nearshoring makes travel to meet in person convenient

    Obviously, during the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel is a proposition that is unusually risky, and many business owners will resort to Zoom calls and other virtual meeting options to get together with team members in other parts of the same city, let alone on the other side of a large body of water thousands of miles away.

    However, once the pandemic passes and business travel returns to its status as an expectation in times of normalcy, expect to see more and more business move to take on nearshoring opportunities. Traveling to visit in person with a development team is a solid idea, on a regular basis, to ensure that everyone is working on the same page. When it comes to overseeing software development Costa Rica is natural among the countries in Latin America. Visiting Costa Rica from the United States and Canada is easy, with a flight from Dallas taking just four hours to reach San Jose. Once air travels returns to its pre-COVID-19 levels, there will be once again more than 1,000 international flights to Costa Rica every week. In contrast, flying to some of the common offshoring countries on the far side of the globe means flying 20 hours, or even more. Even within the Western Hemisphere, Costa Rica is highly competitive as a nearshoring partner for companies in the United States and Canada; Argentina, for example, is comparable in time zone (making meetings easier), but it takes ten hours to fly from Dallas to Buenos Aires.

    Costa Rica has established stability as a democracy

    When it comes to choosing a country for your nearshoring projects, not all nations are equal. Some countries are still trying to establish themselves as a stable government, which means that companies looking to nearshore or establish a more permanent presence should exercise caution. However, one reason why feels confident in headquartering here is the stability of the nation. When it comes to software development Costa Rica offers an environment free of turmoil and chaos. In 1948, Costa Rica disbanded their army because the level of order and harmony in the country had reached a point where no military was necessary.

    Over the last 25 years, Costa Rica has undergone a consistent trend of economic expansion. The World Bank released data on Costa Rica that shows that the nation ranks competitively in Latin America in terms of political stability, the “ease of doing business,” and in its commitment to environmental improvement. The country’s Payments for Environmental Services (PES) program puts an emphasis on biodiversity and forestry conservation. Also, the 2018 Global Peace Index listed Costa Rica as one of Latin America’s safest countries.

    Education provides numerous advantages in Costa Rica

    One reason why has been able to recruit so many quality programmers has to do with the educational system in the country. In 1948, Costa Rica invested in a free and universal education for every citizen, and according to the Global Innovation Index, Costa Rica ranks near the top in Latin America as far as education level of the citizenry. In a field in which English language skills carry a premium, Costa Rican programmers have an edge in Latin America thanks to the emphasis that the Costa Rican Ministry of Education has placed on English language instruction. According to the 2017 EF English Proficiency Index, Costa Rica ranks atop Chile, Mexico and Brazil, and similar countries, in English proficiency. If you are looking for a company to handle your software development needs at a fraction of what a U.S. or Canadian contractor or full-time employee would make, reach out to today!

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