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Synergy and Innovation: Opportunities and Benefits the IT Staffing Industry Can Gain by Integrating the ChatGPT App

    OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public on November 20, 2022. Two months later, this revolutionary Generative Pre-Trained Transformer became the fastest-growing app in the history of the internet. 

    Beyond the public spark of curiosity about the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), the unprecedented popularity of the ChatGPT app has also spurred controversy over ethical concerns, its impact on job markets, and the possibility that AI could lead to heightened cybersecurity risks. 

    Equally-matched to concern and curiosity is the explosion of ways software development teams are learning to put ChatGPT’s capabilities to use. 

    We’ll take a look at the impact of AI on the IT staff augmentation industry, and how the ChatGPT app can benefit software development teams going forward.

    How Is the ChatGPT App Changing the IT Staffing Industry?

    IT is a field that’s familiar with change. In many ways, this new dawn of accelerated innovation in AI and machine learning (ML) is the norm, and the most prevalent change is this new public awareness of AI. 

    The past decade of advancements in AI has helped IT develop powerful, efficient processes to serve clients better. Now that the public is more aware that AI is shaping the future, leaders in IT see the value of educating clients about the best uses for AI in DevOps and Agile methodology.

    The idea of relying on cutting-edge technology to assist in processes isn’t unusual in IT, but the way ChatGPT operates means quickly adapting automation routines and ML into other radical changes taking place in technology. AI is impacting three major technology trends:

    Remote Work

    The rise in remote workforces means a heavier reliance on connectivity and video-conferencing. This is a plus for nearshoring IT staff augmentation designed to synchronize teams to the same time zone. While other sectors struggle to develop ways to integrate remote workers without a drop in productivity, IT is designed to take advantage of this trend.

    IT teams use DevOps and Agile methodology to connect distant teams that share centralized data, relying on AI and ML to continuously scan for errors and security risks.

    Cloud-Based Technologies

    Companies are shifting toward cloud servers for backup and storage of operations off-site. Organizations are also leaning more heavily on cloud computing to run applications on more powerful systems. Both of these are cost-effective ways to scale a business. 

    IT is seeing a huge increase in the need for cloud-based applications, while also standing at the forefront of designing new cybersecurity measures to protect these systems. 

    AI assists software development teams in scaling to the market demand for new cloud-based software applications and overseeing 24/7 cybersecurity for these vulnerable systems.

    The Internet of Things (IoT)

    IoT developers lean heavily on IT teams that can rapidly deploy secure, rigorously tested code to connect devices to the internet, passing secure data back and forth all over the world. 

    Hundreds of millions of devices will soon become billions of devices, and AI will be powering some of the logic that synchronizes sensors and complex automated applications to collect data and send commands. 

    Not only is IT developing software that builds AI into IoT applications, but teams are using ML to train IoT databases and infrastructure that become increasingly more efficient over time.

    What Are the Benefits of ChatGPT in the IT Staffing Industry?

    ChatGPT serves numerous purposes that align with the methods and systems used by the best software development teams. 

    IT is balancing developments in algorithm-based automation, error detection, and code development that have been used for decades, with the benefits that come from training ML to assist in similar processes.

    The following are just a few examples of how to use ChatGPT in the IT staffing industry.

    Automating Redundant Tasks

    AI and ML are widely used in software development for redundant routines that have been custom-tailored to operations. Automation, in many ways, can be trained or coded to function the same as skilled developers, with the benefit of continuously sifting through miles of code while teams design, test, and deploy new work.

    Improving Code Quality

    AI and ML have the capability to learn from data that is provided by experts in the field. Once enough relevant data is provided, and rules are set for how AI should operate, it is possible to use the technology to improve code as it is being written.

    Debugging and Testing

    In addition to general automated tasks, AI and ML can send alerts to developers when there are potential code errors to adjust, and in many cases, routines can be created to fix common problems.


    AI and ML are excellent for working with large amounts of data too vast for humans to sift through efficiently. Their ability to detect valuable insights from metrics makes them powerful complements in programming, uncovering optimizations and new forms of efficiency.

    Without question, tools like the ChatGPT app open new horizons across many different industries, but in IT, much of the focus remains on quality control: making sure that using emerging technology can live up to their quality standards. 

    The common thread in AI’s benefits is improving efficiency, reducing time, and saving on cost without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

    ChatGPT and the IT Staffing Industry: Is Staff Augmentation Still Needed?

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for software developers and QA testers is expected to grow 25% from 2021-2031.

    While the benefits of AI and ML are astounding, they are best matched to experts who know how to put them to use properly. Development teams must continuously detect errors in logic stemming from AI, remaining deeply cognizant of potential flaws and security issues that can arise from this highly experimental technology that’s based on large language models (LLMs) and neural networks.

    When AI is incorporated into quality systems with the best talents, it isn’t a threat to replace those talents, but enhances the team’s effectiveness. Every stage, from design to deployment, is on a trajectory of constant improvement and cost-savings passed on to the customer.

    IT Staff Augmentation That’s Budget-Friendly and Designed for Excellence

    Excel SoftSources provides the perfect solution for companies that need a cost-conscious way to partner with experts in IT. While tools like the ChatGPT app can’t replace the collaborative design, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance of a dedicated team, it does represent the next step in how experts use reliable tools to maximize their teams’ efficiency.

    Better automation throughout the development process frees the greatest minds in the field to solve the hardest challenges for clients, while saving them on costs.

    Excel SoftSources’ experts also save you money by building the perfect nearshore team that operates during your US hours, so collaboration can always happen real-time. This means the advantage of all on-site benefits—without the on-site costs.

    Get in touch with us, so we can discuss your unique long-term project needs. Fill out our contact form so we can start planning today!