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9 Benefits of Cloud Migration

    When you move your data and applications over to the cloud, it is important to find services that are ideal for your needs. There are some holdovers who still wonder if the cloud is a safe and secure place for so much of their presence.

    Why Should You Migrate Data and Applications to the Cloud?

    At Excel SoftSources, we have developed a well-deserved reputation for providing the utmost in quality and professionalism in our cloud migration offerings. Take a look at this list of 9 cloud migration benefits that your company can take advantage by using our services:

    1. Quicker deployment times

    When you move over to the cloud, you should see your deployment times for services and apps decrease significantly. provides our clients with the ability to provision servers and related resources in just a handful of steps. That is much faster and easier than purchasing servers, adding the required OS, and then putting the servers into a data or network center.

    2. Improved security for your data and applications

    By this point in time, just about every cloud provider offers basic security functions, including monitoring traffic so that unwanted visitors that aren’t within a pre-set range cannot get to the machines where your applications and data are kept. They also make sure that the security updates that come through automatically are added to their systems so that security threats do not turn into a problem for you.

    One of the cloud migration benefits that provides for clients is regular consulting and reminders about the best practices in security policies for clients to carry out on-site, such as reminding employees not to share or overuse passwords, not to leave company mobile devices in a non-secure situation, and not to share potentially sensitive data with parties who lack the authorization.

    3. Simpler infrastructure for the company

    One of the underrated cloud migration benefits has to do with your infrastructure. Once everything has moved over to the cloud, then you do not need the same level of complexity with respect to your new machine provisioning. Instead of having to link a bunch of machines together and have them operate in concert, all you have to do is complete some online forms about what you need to have up and running and then get those services started. Since you no longer have to deal with the back end of that process, you should find that your business moves much more efficiently.

    4. Don’t forget the importance of status monitoring

    As a business owner, you don’t want to have to keep going back to a monitoring website to find out if one of the many applications that you have up and running has a bug affected its performance or has gone out altogether. can provide you with monitoring so that you get notifications when these potential problems happen. That way you can focus on the parts of your business that you are best at, only coming back to deal with bugs when you get that notification.

    5. Cloud services include backup and logs for key numbers

    You will find over time that backup and logging services are vital, particularly if you have had an outage and need to go back and find the point in time where things started to fall apart. One of the key cloud migration benefits that offers is automatic backup so that you don’t lose anything in case of an outage, and logs, so that you can determine what the cause of the outage was so that you can keep it from repeating itself.

    6. You’ll find all of your services in one place

    When you are maintaining your own data and applications, you can end up toggling back and forth among a number of screens to keep things up and running. is one of the cloud services providers that offer this level of functionality. This means that you can handle the workload, mobility, and monitoring all from one screen instead of having to keep swiping screens to go back and forth as you move from one function to the next.

    7. Your staff will be able to collaborate more effectively

    It is always important for your team to be able to communicate and work together seamlessly, but during a pandemic, the communication priority is even greater. You can’t just call your team into the conference room for a meeting; instead, you have to bring everyone together on a shared call, such as through Zoom. Having your data and applications on the cloud will make it easier for presenters to pull information onto a shared screen so that you can all be on the same page from start to finish.

    8. You won’t need as many data centers for your company

    Multiple data centers are less of a problem when you have data and applications up on the cloud. With that added capacity, one of the cloud migration benefits is that you might just need one data center for information that is particularly sensitive – and you might not need that one, depending on how much information you need to keep sensitive. This can cut down on the costs associated with running more than one data center. can work with you to determine what your individual company’s needs are and provide the most economical opportunity.

    9. Your cost management will improve significantly

    One of the greatest boosts of efficiency that cloud services bring has to do with autoscaling. This lets you provision some services when they are in need – but then turn them off when you do not need them anymore. This can save a lot of money because there are some systems that do not need to run all the time, and you do not need to pay for systems to run when you do not need them too. You’ll have less downtime – and smaller costs. provides all of these cloud migration services on one platform. This means that you can provision your servers and data in a short amount of time and get your app functional in time for your clients to use it. Reach out to one of your sales professionals so we can put together the best plan for your company.