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Why You Should Consider Custom Web Application Development

    Countless benefits stem from well-designed web applications. A web app can be as simple as a DIY web page builder or as complex as providing the functionality of an entire operating system inside a web browser.

    The development space is congested with low- and no-code solutions designed to help small companies and individuals create their own applications without the need for programming skills. 

    But does it always get the job done?

    What Is Custom Web Application Development?

    Off-the-shelf web development platforms can be useful for ideation, building simple tasks, or creating basic web pages, but they don’t provide users with the robust features, continuous security updates, or detail-oriented personalization that come from custom web application development.     

    Working with the right custom web application development team allows you to communicate your needs so the end result is an application with the exact features you need. But, for many, hiring a dedicated team in-house is too costly and resource-intensive.

    We’ll discuss the benefits of custom development and the importance of partnering with the right nearshore custom web application development company.

    What Are Custom Web Application Development Services?

    Historically, applications had to be created from scratch by someone who knows how to write in a coding language. At a minimum, they had to understand HTML to create a basic website.

    Because the world is online, companies of every size have to have a presence online, but they don’t usually possess the programming skills to create that presence themselves. As a result, this demand has been met by companies that provide a DIY-style solution for organizations that want an inexpensive way to create basic programs or a minimal website.

    What Is the Difference Between a Custom Web Application and Off-the-Shelf Solutions?

    There are off-the-shelf programs for building websites, making simple in-browser apps, and also plug-ins that help people design web-based apps with a wider range of visualization or features. But, these all fall short for companies that need the best performance and want to stand out among their competition.

    Custom development services help businesses innovate. They provide the expertise for those who need to be certain their apps maintain a high-security standard and work well across numerous devices. With templated app builders, your creative and feature options are limited, and there is little room for making improvements with any customized code.

    Off-the-shelf application solutions may be slow to roll out security updates or browser patches, while your dedicated development team can make changes or upgrades at any point in the process. 

    Your software team can develop programs from scratch because they are proficient in programming languages they can use to add or change virtually any feature.

    The following are some of the main software development programming languages used by the best custom web application development teams.

    Front-End Programming Languages

    • Javascript
    • Angular
    • React
    • Vue.JS
    • HTML
    • CSS

    Back-End Programming Languages

    • Java
    • C#
    • .NET Core
    • Python
    • PHP
    • ASP.Net
    • Ruby on Rails

    Programming Tools Used for Database Development and Administration

    • SQL Server
    • DB2
    • Postgres
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • Sybase

    Platforms Used for Content Management Systems

    • WordPress
    • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
    • Drupal
    • Sitecore

    What Are the Benefits of Having Your Web Applications Customized?

    Whether it is about compatibility, providing a unique, interactive experience, or managing important security updates, there are a multitude of reasons to develop customized web applications.

    Developing a Responsive Design for Multiple Devices

    An expert web application development team has the ability to design responsive apps that format correctly for mobile devices, tablets, desktops, laptops, and any device where the program’s layout and dimensions have to adjust correctly. 

    Often, off-the-shelf application builders don’t properly manage responsive design. With your customized app, you know your team can make the necessary updates and changes so your app appears correctly across all devices.

    The Ability to Adapt

    Customer needs often change over time. Browser standards and requirements evolve, and the expectation of trending features play a role in the need to adapt your web application for future growth.

    Creating custom web-based programs gives you the control to make the right updates and changes to serve your customers the best.

    A More Competitive Edge

    Your custom application can be used to interact directly with your customers and gain a competitive edge over your competition. You can provide unique features and design choices, not to mention faster loading times, than off-the-shelf app builders.

    Creating a Better Long-Term Value

    It may cost more to develop custom software initially, but over time many off-the-shelf costs add up, with licensing fees, subscription fees, or higher costs when customizations are necessary. In the end, you have a much greater potential to get more value from your own custom design.

    Maintaining Greater Control

    You decide what you need. You prioritize what features, requirements, and design decisions need to come first. 

    Providing an Elevated User Experience

    Your custom web application development company will have the knowledge and talents to create the most user-friendly experience to boost customer satisfaction and engagement.

    Enjoying Better Integration

    You have a world of options when it comes to integrating your custom web app into your existing systems like databases, dashboards, and metrics. There will be no question of proper integration since your custom app will be designed to work seamlessly with your current setup.

    What Are Some of the Challenges That Come from Having Your Custom Web Applications Created In-House?

    Your users will ultimately base their impression of your business on their experience with your software. If they find your web apps easy to navigate, quick to load, and well-formatted to their devices, it communicates the thought and care that went into giving them a smooth, enjoyable experience. 

    Glitchy software with long loading times that’s hard to navigate or doesn’t conform well on a widely-used device tells consumers you’re not ready to deliver the quality they expect.

    Additionally, the following are three main challenges companies face when developing custom web apps in-house.

    1. Managing Staff Resources

    You already have full-time staff to coordinate with. Every member of a software development team has unique technical abilities that have to fit perfectly in place. Hiring the right talent in-house can get expensive quickly.

    2. Maintaining Focus on Your Areas of Expertise

    Your company’s operations are complex. Your attention is divided by departments that have to coordinate with one another, sales, marketing, and customers. Overseeing a highly technical development team to the intricate staff you already manage can be more than some businesses are able to juggle.

    3. Hiring the Right Team

    The development cycle calls for a wide range of skills that have to coordinate like a well-oiled machine. This includes team management, developing the right agile methodology and DevOps systems, and choosing individual talent that possesses just as good communication skills as their technical abilities. 

    Everyone has to know how to design for your brand, prioritize your customers’ needs, and coordinate continuous updates and security patches.

    What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Nearshore Custom Web Application Development Company?

    Hiring a nearshore web application development team is the perfect alignment of cost savings and the best talent. By nearshoring, you can work with a team that operates in the same time zone, so you’re always coordinated in communications. Your team can speak fluent English and share the same work ethic—all while saving on cost compared to in-house.

    A dedicated nearshore team can cover the same demanding requirements as an in-house team.

    Innovative Solutions

    Your coding team can help you design software that approaches problems in a unique way, without the limitations of pre-made templates or DIY applications.


    Your nearshore team can help you scale to the demands of a growing audience or customer base. Whether the demands involve more powerful servers or bandwidth, you aren’t locked into a static build.

    Better Security and Maintenance

    Your team will work from a current database of known threats and vulnerabilities, so there’s no delay in applying the most recent updates or system patches needed to keep your software—and your users—safe.

    When browsers change or development environments require updates for features to work correctly, your dedicated team can adapt quickly.

    Hire Excel SoftSources for Your Custom Web Application Development Needs

    Excel SoftSources offers all the benefits of a nearshore web application development partner. We focus on providing the highest attention to detail while considering your budget.

    Our experts are proficient in all major web development programming languages and have the talent and vision to fulfill your long-term development needs.

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