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Why Do Companies Outsource Software Development?

    Outsourced software product development servicesgive any company instant access to well-qualified developers. Rather than relying only on an internal development team, outsourcing offers a wide range of skills at a fraction of the cost for companies in need of long-term software development.

    Here’s your chance to learn more about why companies outsource software development, as well as some of the signs you should watch for to know it’s time to outsource.

    Why Outsource Software Development?

    The three biggest reasons companies choose to outsource software development are: It’s cheaper, faster, and provides better results.

    1. Cost

    The biggest benefit of outsourcing is that it’s cost-effective with both time and money. When you want to add more members to your team, you have to go through numerous applications, interview candidates multiple times, and then finally offer them a job. The process doesn’t stop there; you still have to train them to match the rest of your team’s pace.

    That assumes you can find the right person for the job—87% of companies say they struggle to find the talent they need. In fact, website development represents the second-highest skill gap among survey respondents.

    Excel SoftSources takes care of the hiring for you. We vet every one of our outsource development team members, so we know they have the right skills and training you need for your company. Instead of waiting a couple of weeks for a new person to feel comfortable, you only have to wait a few days.

    Then there’s the money aspect: When you hire an in-house developer, you’re not only paying their salary, but also benefits, holidays, and sick days. Instead, you can outsource to locations with lower costs and save 30–50%. When partnering with Excel SoftSources, you only pay for the time the developer works with you; we take care of the rest.

    2. Efficiency

    One of the biggest concerns managers have is that outsourcing developers will cause disruptions in the schedule or management load instead of streamlining them. This may be the case if you choose a company in a different time zone, but by using nearshore outsourcing like Excel SoftSources, you won’t have to worry about it. We work the same hours as you, making for smooth communication and fast response times.

    Additionally, our outsourced developers make it their profession to work efficiently. By outsourcing nearshore, you get efficient and professional software development for your company.

    3. Professional Talent Pool

    You may already have a talented team of software developers, but are there any gaps you need to fill for a specific project or tech stack? Instead of hiring a new person for the particular skills you need or waiting for a team member to learn those skills, look at nearshore outsourcing.

    The most in-demand programming languages include:

    • JavaScript
    • Rust
    • Python
    • HTML
    • SQL
    • NoSQL
    • CSS
    • Java
    • C#

    Excel SoftSource’s outsourced development team is fluent in each of these languages. Plus, we’re nearshore, so your team and our developers will have no problem communicating with one another during business hours. It won’t feel so much like outsourcing as having a remote employee.

    In addition, having new people on your team allows for greater problem-solving as our developers bring new ideas. Depending on an individual’s experience, they may have run into similar problems your team is dealing with and solve them with ease.

    When to Outsource Software Development

    If you’re on the fence about outsourcing, here are four signs that you’re ready to do so.

    1. You’re Stressed for Time

    If you’re in an industry that’s ever-changing and always moving, then you need nearshore outsourcing. It’s crucial to get products to market before your competition does without sacrificing quality or security.

    So, if you have a thousand projects on your calendar and not enough time to do them all, it’s time to outsource. Our expert software engineers will help you cross software tasks off your to-do list so you can focus on important matters.

    2. You Have Big Dreams

    Outsourcing can help you reach your dreams. If you want to start a big project or add a new service to your business, you’re taking a lot of potential risks. You need to make sure you have enough resources to not only start this new project but maintain it as well. What happens if things don’t go as planned, and now you have excess resources draining your profits?

    By taking advantage of outsourced development, you can scale your business based on your needs at the time.

    By outsourcing work to a nearshore development team, you can focus on the business outcomes and strategic goals of the organization. Develop a plan for modernizing monolithic applications to have an integration strategy that allows your business to be more innovative for growth.

    3. You Need More Talent but Have a Tight Budget

    Maybe you’ve thought it would be nice to have additional resources who can program, develop applications, and manage cloud infrastructure for your team. If you can’t fill the roles you need because you don’t have the budget, you’re not alone—cutting costs accounts for 70% of the reasons companies outsource. As mentioned above, outsourcing provides you with direct access to the talent you’re looking for while staying under budget.

    4. You Consistently Miss Deadlines

    If your business is constantly short of meeting deadlines, it’s time to outsource. Outsourcing software development gives you extra members on your team. Your outsourced developerswork alongside your existing team and help you reach deadlines with the same high-quality output that you expect from your internal team.

    Partner with Excel SoftSources

    Excel SoftSources is a nearshore software development provider specializing in cloud migrations, agile software, web, and mobile app development. We provide real-time collaboration during regular business hours and work with you to gather requirements and develop and test applications that you’ll be proud of.

    Contact us today to find out how we partner with you to help your business reach its goals.