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What Is Quality Assurance in Software Development?

    Quality assurance is used in everything from new cars to clothing and even in software development. It plays a vital role in ensuring the final product is perfect.

    Here’s your chance to learn what it is and why there’s a need for software quality assurance.

    What Is Quality Assurance in Software Development?

    In software development, quality assurance (QA) is one of the most critical steps. It brings together all the ideas and technical functions created in the development stage and ensures that the final product works and meets the specific needs of the design.

    QA focuses on your code’s micro and macro levels to ensure that you’re getting the most from your software. It starts by analyzing each line of code to ensure it is bug-free and able to compile and run without becoming buggy and creating an error.

    But QA is much more than just debugging a program. It looks at the software implementations and helps make sure the final software functions exactly as intended in every part and from every device. QA also focuses on the user experience and ensures that the final product meets the requirements and expectations it was designed for.

    How Can a Quality Assurance Team Help Your Software Company?

    A quality assurance team outside the initial developers has several benefits. It is possible for a programmer to QA their own work, but the best way to catch errors is with a fresh set of eyes that tests several scenarios and identify errors.

    A QA team is an essential part of the process in Agile software development. A QA team can:

    • Save time – With the help of QA, the development process improves and produces better products faster.
    • Improve the customer’s experienceand satisfaction – QA looks at software as both a developer and a consumer. They focus on providing a highly technical product and ensuring that the end consumer will be satisfied by the end product.
    • Save moneyTaking the time to fix problems earlier in development means you don’t have to spend even more money later to address the same issue. QA makes sure you get the most from your budget throughout the product life cycle.
    • Build the company reputation – Your software directly represents your company. QA helps ensure that consumers see your company as solid and reliable instead of being buggy and filled with errors.
    • Prevent costly errors – Mistakes that aren’t caught early can lead to costly long-term problems. If the software doesn’t perform as advertised or is to blame for further complications, you could be facing punitive action. QA helps catch and fix those errors long before the final software is released.

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