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The Top 7 Benefits of Agile Software Development

    Agile software development is a cyclical design process where a development team plans, designs, develops, and tests software versions. After each testing, the team goes back to identify and resolve any bugs or concerns and improve upon any feedback that came during the testing phase.

    But what are the benefits of using Agile software development? Here are seven benefits of using Agile software development for your teams and projects:

    1. Transparency

    The Agile approach emphasizes transparency at each stage in the process. Because everything in the software needs to be addressed with each sprint and version, nothing is hidden behind closed doors. Everything from the development ideation to the testing mechanism is looked at and considered as part of the Agile process.

    1. Predictability

    Each cycle through the Agile process happens on a strict deadline, which means there is a high degree of predictability regarding costs and the schedule of development. Unlike other design processes where an application or part of the final design may get held up by one team (or even one participant, particularly with approval authority), Agile uses fixed schedules where new features are delivered on a set schedule and with a predetermined budget. Because there is such a clear structure with Agile design, there are no hidden fees or costs.

    1. Flexibility

    Because there is room for constant refinement and reprioritization, there is more flexibility within Agile software development. The process is built around taking an existing structure and continually refining it to create an improved final product. That means even if some development has already happened, the Agile process can apply new ideas and instructions directly into the next iteration of the software.

    1. User-Focused

    Agile development implements user stories and experiences. A key part of Agile development is based on how real end-users interact with the software and how each feature delivers value, rather than focusing on meaningless components and features.

    1. Reduced Risk

    If given enough cycles, any project using the Agile methodology will succeed. Because Agile software development is based on continual refinement and improvement, given enough time and cycles of refinement, any project will create a polished final product. Compared to other development processes where you may not be satisfied with the final product, Agile design always leaves room for feedback and improvement until everyone is happy.

    1. Improved Engagement

    Agile design looks for input from team members and stakeholders at multiple stages throughout the design process. There are designated times for feedback and collaboration between the client and project team before, during, and after each software version. Improving the level of engagement between the design team and client makes it easier to understand the client’s vision and deliver a final product that aligns with their needs and desires. Working with a team in the same or similar time zone is very beneficial for improved engagement and a better agile development process.

    1. Improved Team Morale

    Agile development teams are self-organized and self-managing. If you are looking to learn how to build Agile teams, start with improving their autonomy and authority over their own projects. Again, having teams in similar time zones to provide synchronous work during regular business hours greatly improves team morale.

    How does an Agile team manage requirements? By having increased ownership of their projects and tasks, the development team gains more personal investment in the project. Additionally, Agile development focuses on identifying and resolving issues within a team rather than on blaming or being picked on throughout a project.

    This means that if a member of the development team is having difficulties with a task, they identify those difficulties and together the team tries to find a resolution to the issue. This helps team members feel more unified and less isolated in their tasks.

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