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8 Tips & Tricks for Providing Great UI/UX Design and Development Services

    User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are essential to every successful software application. An outstanding front-end design communicates to the user the level of care and attention the developer dedicated to their product. 

    The opposite is also true—a poorly designed interface can shake a user’s confidence and make them question what errors lie beneath the application’s surface.

    Excel SoftSources is passionate about designing exceptional applications for our long-term development partners, so we’re sharing our most valuable tips and tricks to offer the very best UI/UX design and development services.

    What’s the Difference Between UI and UX?

    Both UI and UX are the primary focus of front-end software development. But key differences exist. UX includes everything about designing an excellent user interface, while UI specifically involves implementing the actual interactive elements of a program. 

    3 Tips for Creating the Best UI Design

    The following are three of the most critical UI design practices to follow.

    1. Always Keep the User in Mind

    Focusing on the user includes deciding where to place buttons, making every feature easy to use, and conveying visual elements consistent with user demographics.

    For example, a younger user might connect to a game app with whimsical colors and fonts, whereas a financial app should present a serious tone and instill confidence.

    2. Create a Style Guide

    This guide is an organized framework defining your application’s visual elements, including:

    • Typography
    • Iconography
    • Use of color
    • Use of buttons and forms
    • Company branding integration

    3. Make Your UI Accessible, Intuitive, and Easy to Navigate

    You want your design to be easy to understand and navigate for the broadest range of users. Accessibility can include the following:

    • Providing alternate text for images on a website
    • Providing voice prompts to guide visually impaired users
    • Using widely understood grammar and instructions
    • Using negative space with as few elements as needed for functionality

    5 Tips for Creating the Best UX

    These are five of our highest UX priorities when implementing our UX design and development services.

    1. Use Wireframes

    Wireframing is a technique to visually map your application or website’s structure and design elements. This technique helps bring order to the layout, making the UI logical and easy to navigate. Wireframes can be particularly useful for complex projects like platform development.

    2. Get Feedback: Test Early and Often

    You’re designing with a specific audience in mind. There’s no reason to guess your way to your product’s release. Get user input about features, layout, and ease of use throughout the development cycle. Feedback ultimately saves time and ensures you’re on the right track.

    3. Simplify Everything

    Even if you’re designing a complex application with dozens—or hundreds—of features, the true art of expertly executed UX design is to offer simplicity at every stage. Make it easy for your user to find every element in as few steps as possible.

    4. Consider the Device Options in Design

    Today’s user expects numerous device options, so you want to use a responsive design that can adjust visual elements to a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Your design layout should make sense and properly space visual elements for each device. An appropriate layout addresses how the user clicks a button, swipes, or taps on a screen.

    5. Code for Efficiency

    The best developers know how to optimize their code at every stage. The result should be a site or app that loads as fast as possible, maintaining quick, fluid navigation at every point of use.

    How to Choose the Right Partner for Your UI/UX Design and Development Services

    The best front-end developers understand the value of optimized code, streamlined graphics, and a great user experience. The following are essential qualities of expert UI/UX developers:

    • Using agile methodology and DevOps
    • Nearshoring to reduce costs while operating during US hours
    • Focusing on long-term partnerships to maintain, update, and upgrade the front end while deploying new products

    Partner with Excel SoftSources

    Our developers tick all these boxes, and we aim to provide our partners with the very best UI/UX design and development services

    Contact us so we can discuss your specific needs today!