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How to Choose a DevOps Service Provider

    Even if your company has a top-notch group of engineers and an in-house IT team, that may not be enough to ensure to seamlessly deliver your products and services to your clients and customers.

    Without the proper infrastructure, the entire process can fold like a deck of cards. This is where a DevOps team can come into the picture, taking care of the infrastructure while your people take care of the important part of your business. More and more businesses are looking at what DevOps service providers can deliver, but with so many different companies to choose from, how do you know which one is best suited to your specific needs?

    Weeding Out the Good from the Bad

    The first thing that you need to do is beginning comparing DevOps companies side by side. There are going to be a few that can instantly be ruled out, as not all deliver a full suite of services that will fit your specific needs. There are also going to be some that are somewhat new to the game and who do not have a lot of past experience or testimonials to draw upon. While they may indeed have a talented team on deck, do you really want to take a shot in the dark when dealing with something that is so important to the smooth running of your business?

    Breaking Down the Service Providers that are Still Standing

    Once you have it narrowed down to a handful of DevOps service providers, your job is to select the one that seems to be the best fit. There are some definite things that should be considered a must-have when making this choice, so let’s take a look at a few of the most important factors.

    1. Experience – It goes without saying that an experienced DevOps team should be at the top of your list. Technology changes on an almost daily basis, so you want a company that can roll with those changes, which is something that usually comes with a ton of experience and a team that keeps up to date with all that is new.
    2. A wide array of services – Whether you are looking for website development, software integration, or one of the many other services that fall under the DevOps umbrella, you want a company that is able to deliver them all well. Why split your tasks between several different DevOps service providers when you can have one qualified team do it all?
    3. The ability to listen – A good company will listen to your specific needs and deliver exactly what you want, all in a timely fashion. They should have fantastic customer service and always be available to you, no matter the time of day. It’s not every company that delivers 24/7 customer service, so make sure that yours does.

    At, all of those things, as well as many more, are important, which is why they need to be at the top of your lost when looking for a DevOps service provider.