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5 Ways to Make Your Scrum Process More Effective

    Although Scrum is a powerful methodology that helps companies streamline workflows, people still struggle to overcome real-time obstacles. Utilizing a Scrum Master or working with an organization that understands Scrum principles helps your business develop and launch digital products efficiently. Improper implementation can – and often does – result in serious mistakes that can cause projects to fail. The good news is that effective implementation of Scrum principles promotes communication, facilitates follow-ups and allows the team to handle aggressive deadlines. Optimize the benefits of Scrum by using the strategies outlined below.

    1. Describe the Rules of Scrum to All Team Members
      It’s difficult to benefit from the Scrum methodology unless every team member clearly understands the rules and principles. Lack of clarity and poor comprehension could lead to misunderstandings, delays and negative project outcomes. Ensure that you provide sufficient Scrum training to your team so that roles and best practices are universally applied.
    2. Stick to the Rules of Sprint Retrospectives
      Retrospectives provide the team a chance to improve workflows. Spending excessive time on sprint (a repeated work cycle) retrospectives is inefficient and counterproductive. For example, for a month-long sprint, a retrospective should ideally take no more than 3 hours to complete.
    3. Avoid Interruptions
      Although each team has a backlog containing their lists of tasks, other tasks and projects inevitably interrupt the workflow. Scrum team members should not have to cope with tasks beyond their sprint backlogs as this will result in reduced quality.
    4. Designate a Scrum Master
      While many Scrum teams are self-managed, it’s a good idea to designate a skilled Scrum Master to ensure that the team sticks to the rules and practices of Scrum. What’s more, a Scrum Master is also responsible for organizing daily meetings and sprint retrospectives while coaching team members at the same time.
    5. Focus on Value Rather Than Volume of Work Completed
      Many team members tend to be focused on the volume of work completed during a sprint. More often times than not, chasing down deadlines becomes the most important priority. Ensure that team members focus on value and quality compared to the inefficient completion of tasks in the shortest time possible.

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