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WordPress E-commerce Development

    WordPress e-commerce development is one of the most sought out services today by companies of all sizes. Selling online through your own online store has become a necessity for most commercial businesses and WordPress as a content management system has become a popular platform due to its simplicity and flexibility.

    Online shopping has been growing for the past few years and according to different statistics e-commerce revenue in the U.S. will reach over $740B by 2023.

    Nowadays we have technology in our hands 24/7, the increased use of smartphones and social media has made mobile shopping a lot easier.

    For companies, having online stores is a way of reaching a lot more clients, it is also a way to cut on expenses of having a physical store.

    But, what marks the difference from having a successful online store to having an online store that does not convert at all and becomes a waste of money instead of an investment?

    One of the main keys to having a successful online store starts with understanding your clients and what they expect as internet users.

    The second key element is building an online store that caters to their needs, a site that is simple and easy to use for both you and your clients.

    Even though there are many alternatives out there including DIY (do-it-yourself) options to set up your online store, we strongly recommend against this; although WordPress is relatively simple to use, working with it to ensure that it looks and works exactly as you need it to does require technical knowledge and experience, and making it to where it connects with your shopping cart and the different features you want, calls for a professional, otherwise, it is likely you’ll end up spending time and money on something that will not turn out as expected and that not only will not help your sales but might even hurt your business.

    Our recommendation?

    Hire a development company that has experience in creating WordPress e-commerce websites, it is a cost-effective alternative that will also allow you to have control over your website.

    There are good alternatives in the market, whether you want to go with a local company or you prefer a nearshore alternative (usually these companies will offer better pricing), make sure that the company you hire has handled projects similar to yours in the past, check their work, present your project and request a proposal with a quote and a timeline included.

    If your choice is going with a nearshore development company, we suggest Excel SoftSources. This company located in Costa Rica is used to working with American standards, they have a dedicated team of experienced experts in different fields that can certainly deliver the WordPress e-commerce website you need in a reasonable timeframe and with great value. can provide a turnkey solution, a nice and functional website with a proper structure and the necessary payment gateway integration you require and accessible on your mobile, tablet, or desktop. They can also help you with the maintenance of your website down the road and they can even guide you in the process of managing the platform yourself.

    Take your business to the next level with an online store. Contact Excel SoftSources today and get your quote today.

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