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Why Costa Rica Has Become a Preferred Choice for Nearshore Software Development

    An increasing number of businesses with technical needs seeking outsourced development or staff augmentation have looked to Costa Rica. In addition to its popularity as a tourist destination, Costa Rica is fast becoming a country of choice for nearshore development. Given their unparalleled expertise, high levels of education and professional approach, it’s a good idea to consider hiring Costa Rican developers for your project requirements.

    Not only is Costa Rica located within a three-hour flight from many parts of the United States, it is also situated in the Central time zone, making it easier to synchronize professional interactions. If you’ve been seriously considering nearshore software development as an option, Costa Rica should be number one on the list. Here are five reasons Costa Rica stands out from the competition.

    1. Advanced Infrastructure and Telecommunication

    With high quality, modern and sophisticated telecommunication services, Costa Rica offers high-speed Internet and broadband at low prices which makes it an ideal hub for near-shore development.

    2. Highly Skilled Workforce 

    While the National Training Institute offers free training in multiple technical fields, the country boasts a high-caliber education with special emphasis on computer and English language skills. Given the generally high education levels, companies increasingly prefer to outsource complex software development to competent and qualified Costa Ricans.

    3. International Recognition 

    Not only does Costa Rica enjoy international recognition in the fields of technology and business, it has also been recognized on the global scale for business innovation.

    4. Vibrant and Dynamic Developer Community 

    From meetups to brainstorming sessions, Costa Rica has a strong, innovative and inclusive developer community that is rapidly gaining a reputation for out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving.

    5. Real-Time Collaboration

    More often than not, the ability to easily coordinate with Costa Rican developers in terms of daily meetings and real-time conferences helps your team meet project deadlines successfully.

    Costa Rica: A Preferred Choice for Nearshore Development 

    An increasing number of companies now consider Costa Rica as the ideal destination for nearshore development. Some critical advantages include cultural and language compatibility, quality consciousness and infrastructure. You can also be confident of outsourcing to a country that values its reputation in terms of reliability and innovation. What’s more, you can look forward to getting excellent value in terms of staffing and employment. An experienced recruiter, specialized in technical and IT staffing, can help you find the best software developers In Costa Rica for your organizational requirement.

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