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When Is Offshore or Nearshore Software Development for Healthcare the Best Solution?

    Nearshore and offshore healthcare software development are both used to help organizations and companies get needed software development with a fast turnaround while staying within budget. Here’s your chance to learn more about both options and see which is best for your development needs.

    When Is Offshore Healthcare Software Development Best?

    Offshore healthcare software development is best for projects that require less oversight and collaboration. Working with an international developer can put significant limitations on communication, not just because of language differences but because of time zone and cultural differences as well.

    While there can be significant savings by using an offshore developer, there can also be substantial risks in data security if the offshore developers don’t have experience making compliant software. Regulatory guidelines regarding patient information and general functional data security can cause problems for offshore developers who haven’t worked with them. Without data security protocol compliance, the final product is useless.

    When Is Nearshore Healthcare Software Development Best?

    Nearshore software development for healthcare is best if you’re looking for more collaboration and communication, especially if you’re using agile methodologies for development.

    Because nearshore development is in nearby countries, meeting with the development team is much easier. Rather than staying awake until 4 a.m. for a meeting, nearshore developers are often in your same time zone and can meet during your regular business hours. That makes it much easier to collaborate. Time zone compatibility is also ideal for agile projects anchored around continual feedback and revisions.

    Another benefit of nearshore developers is their experience and familiarity with the healthcare industry’s standards for security, data privacy, and intellectual property protection.

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