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What You Should Know About ASP.NET Core Development

    If you want your company to have a web app on the .NET platform, then you either need to learn how to program within the framework yourself – or hire an ASP.NET core development company to do the work for you.

    What is ASP.NET Core?

    It is ASP.NET in an open-source version. You can run it on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s been out since 2016 and is a reworking of early versions of ASP.NET that were only available on Windows. Excel SoftSources has helped many clients find the right experts when it comes to working on this platform.

    What do Business Owners Need to Know About ASP.NET Core?

    ASP.NET is faster than its counterparts when it comes to frequently used web frameworks, according to the TechEmpower benchmark numbers. It is designed to let compilers, languages, APIs, and runtime components change relatively quickly while, at the same time, giving the apps currently installed a well-supported and stable platform. It is possible for more than one version of ASP.NET Core to occupy the same server. This allows for one version to go through updates while others can keep performing their required functions on their original, or most recently tested, version. Deciding to hire an ASP.NET Core nearshore development company can help you maintain all of your app capabilities while continuing to upgrade without interruption.

    Why Should Companies use ASP.NET Core?

    If you want to develop cross-platform apps, then you will want to hire an ASP.NET Core development company. At Excel Soft Sources, we know how to maximize the efficiency of this terrific open-source platform.

    We also know how to customize apps so that our customer companies get the maximum benefit out of our services. Before we start to work, we make sure we understand each client’s mission and goals so that we have the most information when we select formats for different parts of an app, so that you get the smoothest possible performance.

    Excel Softsources also makes a commitment to providing excellence in terms of responsive web development. One advantage of nearshoring when it comes to your decision to hire an ASP.NET Core web development company is that you get an agile, expert workforce at a fraction of the cost of an ASP.NET Core contractor or full-time employee in the United States or Canada. Excel SoftSources has connections with highly trained experts on this platform. After a short briefing, your new teammates will go to work and complete your app development projects. Also, don’t think that offshoring means that Excel SoftSources overlooks professional standards and best practices.

    If you go with Excel when you hire an ASP.NET Core development company, you are joining forces with an organization that not only knows but is committed to following Microsoft’s best practices and all other compliance protocols that you expect as a client. Costa Rica is one of the most forward-looking companies in Central and South America when it comes to meeting and exceeding professional standards in the IT community.

    Let’s work together!