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What Is Nearshore Development?

    No two companies are identical, and every business will face unique obstacles to its growth at some time. Often, companies look to outsource the extra workforce they need, but this can introduce new challenges, which nearshore development can solve.

    Software developers must maintain tight synchronization with all their teams during every development stage in today’s competitive technology market. This level of required interconnectivity makes it challenging for businesses to scale efficiently. It’s even more difficult if their outsourced team is in a different time zone or faces language barriers. Nearshore development is what companies can use to solve these issues.

    Nearshore software development can offer several strategic advantages for companies needing a cost-effective way to grow their team. Nearshoring is a superior form of outsourcing that solves coordination and communication issues, but many companies aren’t aware of the distinction. What is nearshore outsourcing, and how is it better than general outsourcing?

    Nearshore software development outsourcing is when a company chooses to outsource the development of a project to a country adjacent to or near itscompany base. For example, a business in the US can partner with a nearshore development team in Costa Rica instead of hiring more employees in-house.

    By partnering with highly-skilled nearshore developers, companies can develop long-term staff augmentation relationships that match their in-house needs.

    What Are the Top 4 Benefits of Nearshore Development?

    There are four main benefits to choosing the right nearshoring partner:

    1. Sharing Time Zones

    Because nearshore developers often live in a similar time zone, fewer communication barriers exist, allowing for more productive collaboration. The right nearshoring solution allows your outsourced team to collaborate with your in-person development team during the same US business hours.

    Efficient communication during regular business hours gives your team better access and control of the project throughout all development stages. Your team can respond to feedback and implement changes immediately rather than waiting for days.

    2. Better Communication

    A great nearshore location like Costa Rica doesn’t just improve communication and collaboration due to the similar time zone—having English-speaking workers removes the language barrier often found in outsourcing solutions.

    3. Cost Savings

    Nearshore development provides the same cost-saving features as outsourcing. Your in-house full-time employees are a significant investment. By partnering with our nearshore software developers in Costa Rica, you’ll enjoy the long-term benefits of a high experience level using the most up-to-date software development languages and frameworks.

    You only pay the developer for hours worked instead of having a full-time salary on the books. You also don’t have to invest in the computer infrastructure a full-time developer would need on-site.

    If you need to visit your developer, you won’t have to fly around the world to see your team. Our team’s proximity will help you significantly reduce some of the hidden costs of travel involved with outsourcing.

    4. A Better Talent Pool

    With nearshore development, you can access more professionals. If you only hire locally, you limit yourself to the skills and talents within a limited distance from your company. With nearshore development, you can connect with a much larger talent pool of experienced professionals with the specific knowledge and skills you seek. Rather than settling for what’s available, nearshore development allows you to find the perfect fit for your project.

    Engaging with nearshore developers in Costa Rica is easy because they share a similar culture, mindset, and language as US teams. Nearshore developers are highly engaged and proficient, allowing you to work with them directly on your project to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

    Matching the Right Team to Your Needs

    The four nearsourcing benefits above show how your nearshore developers can easily integrate with your current processes. Your nearshore developers can be a natural extension of your team.

    To ensure we match you with the ideal talent, Excel SoftSourceswill review your company’s current needs, discuss your future vision, and develop an IT staffing plan tomaximize excellence and flexibility. We’ll take charge of recruiting great candidates and managing HR, leaving you to build excellent products that move your company forward.

    What Is Agile Nearshore Software Development?

    Traditional linear-based development says early steps must be perfect before moving on. Agile development is more fluid, allowing multiple stages to be worked on and perfected simultaneously with continual feedback loops for revisions.

    Quick and constant feedback makes agile nearshore software development outsourcing possible. Working with a nearshore software development team trained in agile methodology is vital to modern workflow.

    You’ll find that agile development is ideal for producing a final product; it’s faster than linear-based development and without as much red tape. Agile processes offer the flexibility to make revisions at any point in the developmental cycle.

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