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The Advantages of Hiring a DevOps Development Company

    What is Devops?

    The term DevOps is commonly used these days but many are not clear on exactly what it stands for or encompasses, in fact, it is very often that people confuse the functions of the different specialists in the technology departments, so let’s start from the top:

    DevOps stands for development and operations and it is essentially a new culture and set of practices that bring together the processes between software development and IT operations seeking collaboration and an agile relationship and mind-frame that allows to build, test, and release software quicker and in a more efficient manner.

    DevOps is a fairly recent approach that was born from the need of bringing together two groups that used to work as separate business units, a practice that caused problems due to lack of communication and collaboration between developers who wrote the code and the IT operations professionals that had to deploy and often support that code. Two separate units meant separate objectives and separate KPIs, two teams unaware of the other team’s needs or roadblocks, which translated into a lack of communication, inefficiency, finger-pointing, unhappy workers, and unhappy customers.

    DevOps has the goal of delivering faster and better results implementing agile software development methodologies, with cross-functional teams that are self-organized and work together to achieve goals in short time frames, correcting errors efficiently, and in general delivering higher value.

    IT and Development In-House or Outsourced?

    As we know, technology has changed and continues to change the way companies do business, for many years companies felt it necessary to have their own IT department, their development team, even a huge server room, all these felt indispensable in the run to stay up to date with the latest trends and to be able to compete in the ever-changing world of technology and the internet; however, in the past few years this approach has changed, huge server rooms are no longer needed in many cases because everything is now “in the cloud”, and companies have realized that even though they do require technological tools to operate their business they do not need to have everything in house but instead they need to focus their efforts in finding new ways to grow.

    Running a business is challenging enough to also have to worry about complicated processes involved in DevOps, so it makes much more sense to hire a DevOps development company that can provide the necessary solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

    There are many companies that offer these types of services: “Nowadays streamlining is key, and to be successful companies have to go back to focusing on running their business. In order to do this, companies require partners that help them handle their technology needs, from the development of software to testing and innovation. Companies like Excel SoftSources specialize in offering these complete solutions. We have a team of highly qualified specialists that worry about understanding the needs and desires of our clients and that has the objective of making things happen rapidly and right, explained the project manager at Excel SoftSources a technology company that offers outsourcing services at a very competitive price and that prides itself on delivering high-quality results and excellent customer service.

    Forget about dealing with different experts in different fields and trying to make sense of how different things come together, whether you need to have new software created, a new app, maintain and upgrade your current tools or innovate with new technology, don’t reinvent the wheel, get the help of experts that can make your vision become a reality without wasting valuable time and money. Contact Excel SoftSources today and get started on building your dream, stress-free.

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