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Why Costa Rica Offshore Software Development?

    For most businesses every full-time employee represents a significant investment. Full-time employment including benefits include costs that will take away from your bottom line. While it is smart to invest in full-time employees to work with marketing, operations, and customers, you can save real money and get experienced talent by having some contract developers on staff.

    Excel SoftSources can help you find the right developers at the right price. Take a look at this list of offshore software development benefits that our Costa Rica offshore development team can leverage for you.

    You’ll Reduce your Salary and Infrastructure Costs

    Why should you pay a software developer a full-time salary plus benefits when you can hire contract developers with relevant experience for less? The same question applies to a number of other functions, of course, such as benefits administration. One of the most important offshore software development benefits is that you only pay the developer for the hours that he or she works, instead of having a full-time salary on the books. You also don’t have to invest in the computer infrastructure that a full-time developer would need on-site.

    Your Available Talent Base Expands to the Size of the World

    One reason why Excel SoftSources has been able to help so many clients is that we have access to a developer talent pool that includes workers from a number of different countries. Demand for software developers continues to expand, and instead of spending time recruiting a developer, we help small business owners take advantage of offshore software development benefits by doing the recruiting for them. We find the right talent for your company’s needs, while you focus on what your company does best.

    You can Auto-scale your IT team

    There may be times when you need a couple of software developers working full-time on a project for you, because of time-sensitive growth needs for your company. However, after that project is done, you might not need a developer for a number of weeks. Paying by the project instead of having full-time software development staff gives you the flexibility to run your business’ growth as you see fit. There is no reason to tie up funds in ongoing fixed costs associated with benefits for elements of your company that you do not need full-time all the time.

    With, your offshore software development benefits include the possibility of growing your IT team as big as you want it. Most of our teams are made up of 5-6 developers and engineers. If you are curious to learn more about how Excel SoftSources can help bring offshore software development benefits from Costa Rica to your company, reach out to our staff today.

    We will go over the needs that your company has right now, talk about where your company wants to go, and then we will develop an IT staffing plan that will maximize both excellence and flexibility. Then we’ll take charge of recruiting great candidates and managing HR, leaving you to build great products to move your company forward.

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