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Nearshoring Web Development: The Case for Costa Rica

    One of the more common practices for North American businesses looking to find professionals to handle software and web development tasks for them without hiring full-time staff or paying lucrative hourly wages to domestic contractors is to look beyond the shores of the United States and Canada for talent. This has led to significant growth in such places as Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, and India and elsewhere in South Asia, and has been called “offshoring” as it moves the tasks outside the country. Another trend that has arisen lately is “nearshoring” – still moving the work outside the country to other places where lower wages are a possibility, but keeping the work closer to the country where the client companies are based.

    When it comes to Costa Rica web development is a popular area of growth. Take a look at some reasons that you should consider a firm such as Excel SoftSources to find Costa Rican talent for your next web development project.

    Collaboration in Real-Time Improves Outcomes

    Costa Rica web development partners can work together with you in real-time. You can get together in daily meetings using such apps as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is a factor, that means that your nearshoring team members will be just as close as your team members who live in the same city but are no longer coming into the office.

    When everyone on a team is at least within an hour or two of one another in terms of time zones, that makes a significant difference in terms of communication. You can send an email and get a quick response; you can hop into a group chat. You don’t have to wait for the next day to get an answer to your question, and you don’t have to have your meetings during the late news, or at the crack of dawn.

    Secure Talent Comparable to Silicon Valley

    When it comes to Costa Rica web development is a strong part of the collective skillset. Excel SoftSources has found a number of web development professionals who can provide quality of work comparable to what you would find in the hottest areas of the United States, but at a fraction of the cost. In Costa Rica, such programs as MenTe are intended to bring women into the science and technology career fields, and the software culture in the country welcomes innovation. This combination of openness to new ideas and business-friendly laws regarding wages and other business conditions has caused a number of companies to set up development centers in Costa Rica.

    Education is a priority in Costa Rica. The country promised free and universal education for all citizens in 1948, and according to the Global Innovation Index, Costa Rica boasts a higher education level than most of the other countries in Latin America. The Costa Rica Investment Promotion agency reports that, since 2010, the number of those graduating university has climbed steadily. Let Excel Soft Sources be your partner in finding web development pros in Costa Rica so that you can turn nearshoring into your next competitive edge.

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