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How Much Can Your Business Save by Outsourcing Development?

    Why should you outsource development? There are many reasons. First and foremost, outsourcing saves you from having to hire someone you might not need beyond a single project. Full-time positions often don’t lend themselves to flexible work like software development. That advantage alone saves your company a significant amount of money, time and energy.

    Here are four ways outsourcing development can save your company now and in the long run.

    Recruiting and Onboarding

    The hiring process gets to be expensive. You have to shell out cash for advertisements, devote staff time to conducting interviews and training new hires and pay to process paperwork. That’s not even considering the amount you’ll pay in start-up expenses and salary.

    If you can’t find someone willing to accept a reasonable wage, you get to continue the hiring process for weeks – sometimes even months. Throughout this time, you’ll lose valuable opportunities to get development completed, setting your entire company behind while you wait for the right person to come along.

    Equipment and Operations

    When you have an employee working onsite, you are required to provide certain equipment. For developers, you’ll be expected to purchase computers and special software. Plus, you’ll be responsible for paying rent, utilities, and other operational expenses that come with having more onsite employees.

    For many business owners, this seems wasteful. This is especially true when you consider that most companies don’t need development forever. Rather, they need certain applications and software developed at highly-specific intervals. Full-time positions simply don’t lend themselves to this degree of flexibility.

    Hidden Costs in Hiring

    Think about all of the additional costs you pay when you bring on a new full-time employee. You’ll have payroll taxes, health insurance, paid time-off, vacation time, holiday pay, sick leave and more to worry about.

    These days, having an employee is expensive. If you don’t truly need to make the investment – why should you? Instead, outsource the work and save yourself the hassle of providing benefits that remote workers don’t require. You’ll get all of the same work completed, but you’ll be financially prepared to invest in your company in other ways, too.

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