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3 Tips for Hiring the Best Offshore Web Development Firm

    Hiring offshore web development firms and other experts in the IT field is becoming more and more common among North American companies.


    There are not enough software developers for all of the digital work companies need to get done. Paying people on a contract basis inside the United States and Canada is almost as expensive as hiring them full-time; hourly rates often cover a contractor’s benefits in addition to their salary.

    To offset these costs, many companies in North America hire offshore web development firms. Latin America, for example, has become a major hub for nearshore IT outsourcing and a lot of great success stories have come from working with our Costa Rica team at Excel SoftSources, who are experienced at web development and so much more:

    • Digital product development
    • Cloud native applications
    • Customer-facing web applications
    • Platform engineering
    • Digital business transformation

    However, these three tips will help you choose the right offshore web development firm no matter where you outsource:

    1. Don’t Deal with Companies that Don’t Have a Phone Number

    Not having a phone number where you can easily contact the company and developer is a red flag. Any web developer who is only willing to talk to you via email or “live chat” is using the internet to hide facts about their company. If no phone number is available, there’s a good chance the developer is freelancing for more than one company and not dedicated to your goals.

    You deserve to work with an established company that has a legitimate business infrastructure. Excel SoftSources won’t hide anything from you, as two of our core company values are transparency and honesty. We want to build a strong relationship with you to help you feel comfortable at every step in our professional relationship.

    2. Don’t Deal with Companies that Refuse to do Customization Work

    Suppose you hire a web development “expert,” and they don’t want to take customization jobs. In that case, you are likely dealing with a company that builds everything from a premade template they want to keep using with as many clients as possible. Templates can be a great tool for streamlining work, but common and free templates make your project look like everyone else in the market.

    Every website, application, and platform needs customization and integrations.True experts are not afraid of this customization work. We can integrate your design ideas into your project instead of recycling what already exists, ensuring that your content is uniquely yours.

    Which sounds better: a template-based WordPress site that looks like countless other designs or a customer-facing web app that’s customized to integrate perfectly with your CRM? We can develop for WordPress, but the customization we provide will make your employees and customers more successful.

    3. Don’t Sign Contracts with Developers Who Don’t Have a Lot of Questions About Your Business.

    Companies going to the trouble to hire web developers in Costa Rica or elsewhere deserve the individual touch that comes with custom web applications, digital products, and integrated technology platforms. In fact, you deserve a personal touch, no matter your project’s scope or size. There is absolutely no need for you to settle for a generic product that has been reused for multiple clients.

    If a development firm does not want to know much about your business’s scope, scale, or mission—and especially if they do not want to know much about what you expect—then you’re in for a bad deal. Chances are, they’re planning to use the same process and structure they have used with other clients. While you’ll get a result, it won’t work how you want or need it to.

    Good developers will get to know you, your business, your goals, expectations, dreams, and more to make sure they match your project development to your brand. With more information, you should expect a custom look to augment and match your branding. You deserve better. At Excel SoftSources, you’ll get just that.

    Work with Excel SoftSources

    If you’re looking to offset costs without sacrificing quality and professionalism, hiring an offshore web development firm might be a good option for you. Our Costa Rica team at Excel SoftSources can provide you with the quality and professionalism you’re looking for, and can do it in an especially custom and personalized way.

    At Excel SoftSources, we are much more than website builders. Here is just a sample of the professional web development services we can provide your business:

    • We build digital applications to help you improve organic engagement with both your customers and employees.
    • We craft custom mobile applications that digitize and expand your product offerings.
    • We secure the systems you use to manage customers’ data and protect you against unwanted and expensive data breaches.
    • We write cloud-native applications that can help you leverage the power of the cloud to automate essential processes while being less expensive to maintain.
    • We set up and manage microservices in hybrid cloud environments to allow your employees and customers to engage from anywhere.
    • We build custom websites that look and work like you want and need.

    Contact us today for a consultation and find out how we can help you!

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