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Costa Rica: The Next Great Country for Outsourcing Services

    Costa Rica has long had a reputation as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. However, one thing that businesses in North America are learning is that when it comes to outsourcing services Costa Rica is an ideal location. When it comes to outsourcing professional, administrative, and software development services, countries such as Ukraine and India may have a higher profile. Take a closer look at why you should consider Costa Rica for efficient nearshore services.

    Location, Location, Location

    When it comes to agile development and providing services, Costa Rica is in a perfect location. For companies looking to outsource services, Costa Rica has the proximity to provide the difference between service in real-time and service that is just a little bit slower.

    Think about the difference between the arcs that Netflix and Blockbuster have followed over the last decade or so. There was a time when Blockbuster had retail locations seemingly on every corner in big cities, while Netflix consisted of a few warehouses where shipping clerks found DVDs on shelves, put them in envelopes, and sent them to subscribers. Netflix foresaw the future of streaming and knew that it would eliminate the need for video stores at all, and that’s where they invested. Blockbuster thought that people would spend an hour on Friday nights walking around and looking for the perfect movie indefinitely. Today, Blockbuster is largely a memory, while Netflix is one of the dominant content providers in the world.

    Businesses have a need for the right technology at the right time to improve operations, improve customer experience, and make the right decision faster. Costa Rica’s proximity means that your contractors are within an hour or two of your time zone, instead of sleeping the night away while you are trying to get work done. It is true that the Internet has improved communication around the world and that professionals need to be prepared to go around the clock. However, very few people like business meetings at 9 or 10 at night. Working with team members who are within an hour or two makes a huge difference when it comes to moving quickly – and forming trust with your team. Do you want to have a video call or even a daily stand-up with your contractors? Thanks to Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you can do it throughout the day with your Costa Rican teammates.

    Cultural Commonalities

    Costa Rica has a literacy rate of almost 98 percent, and it is one of the most bilingual countries throughout Latin America. Our country has pursued technology and science education in public policy, bringing it closer to the culture of the United States and Canada, which sets us apart from other countries in Latin America. Within Costa Rica, the tech community goes after such certifications as Six Sigma, ITIL and PMP – which are the same as what North American companies pursue. These areas of commonality make Costa Rica a sustainable choice for companies looking for nearshore services providers. Let Excel SoftSources be your technology staffing partner in Latin America.

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