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Costa Rica: Hot Spot for Software Developers

    If your company is ready to bring in a software developer on a contract basis, you may have looked around the U.S. and Canadian contractor markets and noticed something a bit worrisome – the high per-hour rates that you would have to pay. Many contractors in those countries have set their hourly rates high enough to pay them the same that they would make if they were working full-time for a North American company.

    At Excel SoftSources, we have put together a superior practice focusing on Costa Rica software development. We have found the talent and the infrastructure to provide companies all over North America with the software development that they need. Take a minute to learn more about why you should consider outsourcing your web development needs to Costa Rica.

    The Location is Ideal for Agile Development

    Costa Rica software development professionals may not live and work in the United States and Canada – but they are generally only an hour or two apart from most of our client companies when it comes to time zones. Given how powerful a role software plays in our economy, you need development professionals who can respond to requests quickly, instead of having to wait until the end of the day, or the middle of the night (as is often the case when you offshore your tasks to companies in Asia). Excel SoftSources can leverage the talent in the Costa Rica software development pool so that you can find the right developer at the right price – but also have that professional available when you need to ask a quick question, request a last-minute change, or just host a virtual team meeting.

    Cultural Differences Between North America and Costa Rica are Minimal

    Costa Ricans do grow up learning Spanish as their native language. However, the country has a literacy rate of almost 98 percent, making it one of the most literate countries in Latin America. Costa Rica software development professionals understand the advantages that come with education. When it comes to standards for business practices, Costa Rican firms have the same expectations for their employees that companies in the United States and Canada have.

    The Costa Rican software Development Community is Vibrant

    You can find comparable talent in software development in Costa Rica to what you would find in Silicon Valley – and you will be able to hire that talent at a much lower price. Costa Rica software development programs such as MenTe have been designed to attract women into the technology and science fields, and the country also hosts hackathons and meetups that bring in people in the know in this profession. Excel Soft Sources has taken note of the startup culture in Costa Rica and can connect companies in the United States and Canada with entrepreneurial software developers in Costa Rica who are looking for challenges when it comes to creative thinking and problem-solving.

    Want to Learn More?

    Reach out to Excel SoftSources to find out how we can turn your development needs into opportunities. Costa Rica software development professionals stand ready to work for you and help your company excel.

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