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The Benefits of Hiring a Web Application Development Company & What to Look For

    Regardless of size or niche, every modern company shares one unifying truth: the whole world is online. 

    The Internet is the gateway to commerce, information, and every organization’s branded online presence. Web-based applications provide that connection for the entire world, serving users best by working silently in the background to deliver a seamless online experience.

    Every unique online program is crafted by a talented web application development company.

    What Is a Web Application Development Company?

    Web application developers are team members who assist clients in online program design, development, and maintenance. Since a client could be an individual, a small company, or an enterprise-level corporation, web application development companies form specially-tailored teams to match clients’ goals and needs.

    Web app developers will work closely with you to understand and commit to your goals and requirements and develop a plan to accomplish your vision.

    What Does a Web Application Development Company Do?

    In addition to creating software, web application developers help clients with every stage of the software development process. To provide this assistance, developers must possess numerous specialized abilities.

    Application Updates and Error Management

    Once you release your application, it requires a continuous regimen of improvements and optimizations. Users may uncover small fixes, along with requests for features they’d like you to add.

    Development programs delivering web content to online users undergo regular safety patches, upgrades, and software version updates. These updates help browser-hosted web applications run properly as popular browsers and computer operating systems announce new updates to which you must adhere.

    Your development team will see that your applications stay up-to-date with industry-standard maintenance to remain compatible with the latest browser features and standards.

    Safety Monitoring

    Web development professionals constantly test your software throughout the development process, keeping a watchful eye for viruses or potential vulnerabilities. But, once it reaches the public, you must continue to monitor the applications. 

    Cyber attackers constantly seek ways to corrupt browser features and the platforms used to create online programs. Like ongoing updates and feature upgrades, your development team consistently monitors online applications and diligently applies critical patches to them, keeping them safe for users. Developers make quick updates and perform maintenance tasks efficiently. They address possible issues, ensuring the website remains operational and optimized.

    Beyond regular patches, updates, and cybersecurity, sites that securely collect customer data must follow strict standards to protect that data. Your development team plays a vital role in ensuring your application abides by online privacy protection standards.

    Multi-Device Development

    Online programs are challenging to develop because users expect a unified experience on their devices. Web application developers create responsive programs, meaning they’ll properly format to any device, whether it’s in a browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

    What Are Examples of the Types of Applications Developers Create?

    A skilled development team can create thousands of different kinds of web applications. The following are just a few examples.


    Expert developers design, build, and maintain websites. These developers are trained to stay up-to-date on the best tools, content management systems (CMS), techniques, and custom programming required for more complex sites. Website development requires a creative eye for design, sophistication for organization, and coding experience for complex platforms or multimedia requirements.

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

    ERP is software that streamlines a company’s operations to provide a comprehensive view of its finances, HR, inventory, procurement, sales, reporting, and more.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications 

    These applications cover a wide range of tools that automate online sales, analyze customer data, and provide reports on purchases, retention, and other customer data.

    Automated Customer Support

    These web applications could be AI-based chatbots trained on a company’s FAQ and other data points to help answer customer questions or a tool that routes queries to live help agents.

    In-Browser Games

    Casual games and now more graphic-intensive video games are played online—right in people’s browsers. Millions of people play browser-based games daily.

    Customer Portals

    Portals can be for eCommerce or any site allowing users to log in and customize their experience on your platform. The portals may offer dashboards allowing users to organize their data or may include gathering sensitive data that is encrypted and stored.

    What Programming Software Should a Custom Web Application Development Company Be Proficient In?

    Web app developers use numerous programs for specialized online tasks. Some tools are optimized for front-end development or visuals and user interfaces (UIs). Others are designed for back-end development, the underlying code defining the app’s features and functions.

    Popular front-end development tools include:

    • Javascript
    • HTML
    • CSS

    Common back-end development programs include:

    • .NET Core
    • Java
    • Python
    • PHP
    • WordPress

    Challenges of In-House Web Application Development 

    Often, a company’s first instinct is to use popular DIY tools to save on cost, build their own site, or develop simplified apps. Unfortunately, cutting corners usually results in lackluster results. 

    Some of the challenges in attempting in-house online app development include the following:

    • Time spent researching tools and other resources
    • Time and human resources expended to find and hire internal talent
    • Training a new in-house team and coordinating your current teams to correspond with them
    • Delayed product releases
    • Lack of workflow
    • Maintaining updates and following trends
    • Making executive decisions beyond your scope

    Competencies You Want in a Web Application Development Company

    Web app development companies come in all shapes and sizes. While not every business needs a fleet of dedicated software engineers, there are specific qualities you should look for in the team you choose.

    Efficiency and Speed

    Web application developers should follow cutting-edge development processes, using Agile Methodology and DevOps to offer the following qualities:

    • Continuous development and deployment
    • Ongoing security testing
    • Ongoing collaboration and communication between teams
    • Constant deliverables to the client
    • Fast development cycles, updates, and patches
    • Flexible feature changes and additions


    Your online content deserves the undivided focus of a team acting as an extension of your company. 

    A dedicated development team is familiar with your goals and quality standards. It maintains a rich record of past code, updates, and resolutions to challenges, which saves time and prevents unnecessary errors or undesirable creative decisions.

    The Benefits of Hiring a Nearshore Web Application Development Company

    When you hire the right web application development company, you free your company’s resources to focus on what you know the best while aligning with a partner that can take your company to the next level. Look for these benefits in a nearshore development partner:

    • Expertly-trained 
    • Located in Costa Rica, operating in a US time zone
    • Speaks fluent English
    • Uses Agile methodology and DevOps
    • Scales to your project demands 
    • Remains current on the latest technologies
    • Cuts costs without sacrificing your highest quality standards

    Hire Excel SoftSources for Your Web Application Development Projects

    Whether you need dedicated talent to build and maintain your company’s website or your ambition is to develop the next breakthrough mobile app—you need a team who will give your project the time and attention it deserves.

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