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5 Steps To Take When Outsourcing a Project

    So you know about nearshore outsourcing, and you’re ready to take the plunge and finally work with an outsourcing partner. Follow these five steps to learn how to outsource a project and get the best results from it.

    1. Define Your Goals

    The first step for any outsourcing project is to understand what you want from the project. Like all goals, outsourcing goals need to be clear, easily tracked goals you can measure. Taking the time to make good, trackable, goals makes it easier for you to measure the project’s success.

    2. Plan a Budget

    You can’t start an outsourcing project without knowing how much you’re willing to spend on the project. Consider what is affordable and reasonable for your business.

    With an established budget, you’re able to create clear expectations with potential outsourcing partners about what is and isn’t feasible for that budget.

    3. Establish Clear Requirements

    Before meeting with potential partners, establish clear boundaries and expectations for your relationship. How much access do you want to the project in development? How often do you need updates? What is your preferred form of communication? What is the rough deadline schedule for deliverables?

    By setting clear expectations, you can better work with an outsourcing partner because they will have a clear idea of what you expect from them. It’s important to realize that some more extreme requests like daily updates or complete access to the development process at all times may be too much for some quality providers. Too many invasive or strict requirements may scare off quality partners who don’t want to deal with a picky or nosy client who will only get in the way.

    4. Choose the Right Partner

    Finding the right outsourcing partner is almost as difficult as finding the right person to marry. You have to make sure you match each other’s style, personality, and needs.

    With your goal, budget, and requirements ready to share, it’s easier to find an outsourcer who will be able to work with you. Be open and transparent about what you expect, and choose a partner who is also transparent about their process. Both sides should be aware of what’s expected from each other before you start working together.

    5. Assign Roles and Responsibilities

    Once you have your partner, it’s time to hammer out the details. Each outsourcing project is a bit different, but every aspect of the outsourcing project should be clearly laid out at this step.

    In addition to addressing the leadership’s roles and responsibilities between your organizations, also take the time to establish communication channels. How do you prefer to communicate, and how often do you expect communication?

    Transparency Is Key

    The most important step you should take when outsourcing a project is unyielding transparency. Constant communication and transparency are the foundation for any outsourcing project to find success.

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