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How to Avoid Working for a Bad Boss

    If you have been in the work force for a while, chances are that you have experienced your fair share of bad bosses. There’s the micromanager, the bad communicators, the over-sharer and the bully to name a few. Having great management in your company is the single most important thing you can do to retain great staff. You’ve heard the saying “You don’t quit the job, you quit the boss” and there is nothing more true.

    It’s important to know that not all bad managers have malicious intent. They are the Michael Scott’s of the world, doing little things every day to alienate their employees. Usually they have good intentions they’re simply poorly trained. Here are some qualities of a bad manager to look out for.

    They Over-promise –

    Ever sat in a meeting with your boss and sit silently knowing they are over-promising work to a client, then rushing back to your desk to try to concoct a plan to carry out the likely overstretched commitment? These bosses, whether intentional or not, add unneeded stress to their teams by being “yes” men and women. It’s important to look for a boss that is realistic in their expectations for the team, willing to speak up when their team is stretched too thin.

    They Micromanage –

    A poor manager will micromanage his or her team. They believe their way is the only way to complete their teams work. They don’t value the teams input and they lack the ability to allow their team to learn and grow.  Micromanagers stretch themselves thin by not fully delegating work to their employees. In the end this leads to employee distrust and slows down business initiatives.

    They are hypocrites –

    The best leaders are those that lead by example. Never asking their employees to do work they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves. It’s important for managers to occasionally get in the trenches with employees in order to understand the service or product your company offers. This allows management to first hand find any inefficiencies.  The hypocritical boss asks their employees to stay late but never will themselves or scold employees for coming to work late but frequently strolls in at various times of the day. Hypocritical bosses rarely gain respect from their employees and more often leave them frustrated and unmotivated.

    They Don’t Value Their Employees

    Ineffective leaders typically don’t have mutual respect with their employees. A leader needs to do the work, listen to their employees, learn constantly and have respect for the employees they manage. Without these four elements, employees will have a difficult time giving their manager respect and the potential for a great relationship is instantly ruined.

    Hopefully watching out for these traits will help you avoid working for a potentially bad boss. Excel SoftSources is always looking for skilled developers with great attitudes. Our leadership teams value their employees and leads with respect and transparency. Take a look at the current opens in our Costa Rica office.