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What Is IT Staff Augmentation? Can It Work For Your Business?

    You have a core team of IT employees including developers, platform engineers, and technical support and IT staff, but you need more manpower and hiring is difficult and expensive. You need a certain skill set to work on your technology stack, and you need experienced engineers to help build and support your systems. IT staff augmentation is used by many engineering leaders and may be the best answer for you.

    What is IT Staff Augmentation?

    IT staff augmentation is a mode of outsourcing that offers the expertise and brainpower you need from dedicated professionals working as long-term contractors on your team. Not every outsourcing firm focuses on the same technology stacks, platform engineering or technical support.

    So, to help you identify if IT staff augmentation would be a good fit for your organization, let’s take a closer look:

    Pros and Cons of IT Staff Augmentation:

    Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

    There are a number of benefits of IT staff augmentation. First and foremost, it expands your capabilities almost immediately, by giving you access to trained professionals that are already prepared to do the work. Engineering leaders should be focusing on building and supporting their customer and employee applications, not sourcing and recruiting candidates that are nearly impossible to find. Outsource the sourcing and recruitment to an experienced partner. Let us take care of presenting you top candidates and then managing their HR, payroll, and benefits.

    Beyond that, depending on where the firm is located, you may be saving a significant amount on the labor itself because of lower-cost places to live and favorable currency exchange rates.

    Challenges of IT Staff Augmentation

    Of course, augmenting your IT staff through outsourcing can come with some challenges. For one, asynchronous collaboration when the firm is located in a different time zone can make coordinating efforts difficult. Language and cultural barriers can further complicate matters, and make it difficult to communicate expectations. Also, some IT services move their engineers from project to project rather than keep them dedicated to one client.

    These problems can make it feel like your team has less control over the quality of the work, a loss of efficiencies and additional time and expense to resolve these issues.

    What Makes Excel SoftSources Different

    With our dedicated nearshore outsourcing solution, Excel SoftSources is your partner for solving these problems and offering you even more benefits when it comes to IT staff augmentation.

    Nearshore IT staff augmentation means:

    • Dedicated engineers working during American time zones, so your engineers work during the same 8 hours each day. Bi-lingual (Spanish and English) engineers who value retention and being part of a productive team.
    • Outsourced recruitment, HR, payroll, and benefits in a supportive environment so your team can focus on building great digital products and retaining top talent.

    The nearshore teams at Excel SoftSources can help you develop and support many different types of applications and systems, including mobile apps, web apps, platform engineering, and quality assurance. We work on our partners long-term goals, assigning dedicated team members to each account, so there’s no need to constantly retrain new additions to the project.

    For organizations looking for dedicated resources that are an extension of their own team co-managed by our HR staff, Excel SoftSources has you covered.

    Let Us Help You Level-Up

    Excel SoftSources offers you a critical leg-up when you need it most. With our nearshore teams, you can instantly increase your team’s capacity to quickly and efficiently get projects done. Let us lend you our expertise and accomplish your goals.

    Augment Your IT Team with dedicated nearshore engineers from Excel SoftSources today!