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Is Your Internal Team Struggling to Meet Deadlines?

    When you have an important project to finish, the hiring process can seem tedious and frustrating – not to mention expensive. What if you don’t need an employee in your office every day, but rather someone who can be hired specifically for the project and work remotely?

    Staff augmentation provides several benefits to companies. Finding a stable partner like Excel SoftSources for your outsourced staff augmentation means that you will gain skilled developers who can seamlessly integrate with your team for as long as necessary.

    What are five of the many reasons to invest in staff augmentation?

    1. Cost-Efficiency

    Hiring an experienced, full-time employee is challenging and costly. It takes money away from the goals and projects that need it most. Instead of spending money looking to attract talent when there is so much demand, consider that there are experienced developers in less-expensive markets who would love the opportunity to work with your company.

    2. Skill Choice

    External teams that augment your full-time staff are dedicated to meeting your expectations, requirements, and deadlines. You’ll get to choose English speaking, educated and experienced developers that want to be part of your team. 

    3. Daily Collaboration

    The old model of contracting overseas technology talent is being replaced by highly-educated, experienced professionals working in the same time zone as your internal staff. No longer do managers have to do check-in meetings at 10 p.m. when overseas programmers are starting their day. Managers in the United States are able to collaborate with nearshore developers throughout the day as necessary to make sure requirements are clear and feedback is constant.

    4. Experienced Professionals

    Staff augmentation provides skilled labor, eliminating entry-level contractors, temps and interns.  As a result, you’ll have the freedom to assign projects as needed, adjust team positions, and deliver your finished product on-time.

    5. An Outside Perspective

    Not only do full-time employees come with additional costs, but many spend working hours playing office politics. Developers working remotely as part of your team, however, provide an honest and fresh perspective from the outside. This can be especially useful on long-term and complex projects.

    Learn What the Excel SoftSources Team Can Do for You

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