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What Can Cloud Computing Do for Telecommunications Providers?

    Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data. It can be used to create new applications and services, host websites and blogs, stream audio and video, deliver software on demand and store or recover data.

    There are many benefits to cloud computing, including lower costs, increased productivity and boosted performance. For these reasons, the majority of companies have already or will be adding cloud computing to their environment.

    Telecommunications providers are a part of this movement, eliminating outdated and hardware-heavy data centers with cloud computing methods and technology.

    Below, we’ll discuss four major reasons why telecommunications providers should consider the use of cloud computing in data centers and infrastructure alike.

    Boosted Value

    The current networks and platforms used by traditional telecommunications providers are expensive and inefficient. With the assistance of cloud computing, which can be altered depending on demand, operational costs can be significantly reduced.

    Brand Differentiation

    Thanks to changing technology, service providers have been forced to reevaluate business models and branding decisions. The system is no longer formed around cost-per-byte. Instead, providers must focus on standing out from the competition.

    Cloud computing makes this possible through service-level agreements and improved efficiency. Providers who choose to improve their services will keep their customers happy.

    Increased Revenues

    While boosting value and lowering operational expenses matters to the bottom line, businesses also want to increase revenue. Fortunately, cloud computing can produce revenue growth when you assume an end-to-end position (application to end user) in the value chain, allowing your company to improve and add service quality for the customers that need it most.

    Most providers have failed to explore and utilize the software revenue market. Using a network-based approach to guarantee quality service will improve your ability to capitalize on this market.

    Improved Efficiency

    When you choose cloud computing, your data center is focused on innovation, scalability and support. Rather than spending 25 percent of your IT budget on infrastructure, you can employ a cost-efficient solution for your data center, ensuring it handles the collection, processing and storing of your data securely.

    A properly configured cloud computing environment will increase the utilization of your servers, decreasing your required infrastructure. By retiring expensive hardware and replacing with cloud services, you can improve data systems longevity and witness a massive decrease in operational spending.

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