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How To Choose an Android Development Team

    The way in which people access the internet today is a whole lot different than it was just 10 years ago. We now no longer need to be tied to a desktop or haul around a bulky laptop, as the internet is now right at our fingertips on our smartphones. You need only look around you at any given time to see how many people are on their phones and going online or using apps. It should come as no real surprise then that apps are big business, which is why Android mobile development is now a booming business.

    One thing that you may have noticed is that some apps are available for either Android or iOS and not always both.

    Android or iOS: Which One is for You?

    While some businesses choose to make their apps available on both formats, there are others who lean towards one or the other. There are several factors that go into making that decision, but if it’s pure user numbers that count, then Android is the smarter choice, as around 85% of smartphones currently being used are running on Android. That’s a lot of people that can potentially be reached, so it may be the place to start if you are considering having an app developed for mobile devices.

    While it is certainly possible to learn how to create an app or hand the task over to your in-house IT team, the smarter option is to go with an experienced Android mobile development company that can create exactly what you want at an affordable price and without giving up on quality.

    What to Look For When Considering a Mobile Development Team

    Given that you have chosen to go with an Android app, you might imagine that you should simply choose a service provider that specializes in that operating system. That is not necessarily the best move, though, as you may consider expanding to iOS if the customer demand calls for it. It’s never a bad idea to choose an Android mobile development team that also knows how to create a stunning iOS app, too.

    The company you choose should also have developers that are up to speed in all that is new in the world of Android. The operating system updates regularly, and what was new and exciting a few months ago may now seem outdated to users if you do not adjust to those changes. This is where great customer service comes into play, which means looking for a company that can be contacted around the clock. Honest, professionalism and total transparency are all traits that you should look for in an Android mobile development team. They should also be able to listen to your needs and deliver exactly what you ask for in a timeframe that fits your needs and deadlines.

    While cost is important, it should not come at the price of the quality of the product. Your Android app should be up and running, and up to date, 24/7/365, so look for a quality service delivered by