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Employee Spotlight: Jose Elizondo Barrantes

    At Excel SoftSources, we pair professional software developers with teams in North America, using rigorous screening and testing methods to guarantee results.

    Our experienced developers are the most important part of our process – each highly skilled in technologies, experiences and collaboration that matches our partners’ needs.

    This month, our employee spotlight is on Jose Elizondo Barrantes, an avid runner and a senior software engineer with eight years of experience in software development.

    What is your degree and where did you graduate from?

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in information systems engineering from Costa Rica National University.

    What programming languages and development environments do you specialize in?

    I specialize in C# and .NET development.

    What do you love most about working with Excel SoftSources?

    I enjoy the flexibility to work remotely certain days, which allows me to spend more time with family. I have more time for hobbies because I spend less time commuting. It also allows me the advantage of working from different places in Costa Rica.

    What is the most rewarding project you’ve worked on at Excel SoftSources and why?

    In my current project, I became a team lead for a maintenance team. It’s something completely different from what I used to do. It challenges you to listen, face decisions, accept mistakes and help others.

    What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?

    Hiking and long-distance running are two of my favorite hobbies. I have ran in many marathons and I have been able to see different parts of the world traveling for marathons. The New York Marathon was the first one I ran outside of Costa Rica! It is an outstanding marathon, almost 50,000 runners.

    I also ran a marathon in Barcelona, which was amazing running through the city and its monuments. Barcelona has a lot of history on its streets and people there are very warm with tourists and visitors. I can describe that marathon as a dream come true, crossing the Atlantic and running a marathon to explore a city. I felt very lucky and thankful to accomplish a life goal!

    Where do you like to visit in Costa Rica? What makes that place special?

    I like to visit Chirripo National Park. It’s special for me because I grew up nearby and spent a lot of time with my father hiking those mountains. So, visiting that place or even being close to it reminds me of those good times.

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