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What Is DevOps and How Can It Help Your Business?

    DevOps is an important work methodology and philosophy in software development. It is used by the companies with the greatest success in releasing software products and updates quickly.

    But what is DevOps in terms of how it works? What makes it valuable? How is it measured? And how do you add it to your own business quickly? We’ll touch on these questions. If you are interested in quickly having access to a DevOps team, contact Excel SoftSources.

    What Is DevOps in Software Development?

    DevOps is a method of software development that focuses on the almost constant delivery of results for software users. It aims to give value to users quickly and consistently, using a variety of tools, processes, and workers.

    DevOps really needs to be embedded in the culture of a workplace to reach its full potential. Everyone must be on board to use new work processes and to search for faster and more efficient ways to complete tasks and projects. It can also emphasize:

    • Automation: Routine tasks can be turned over to automation as much as possible.
    • Dev and Ops Combinations: Software development and operations are combined for greater efficiency.
    • Communication: Everyone in both development and operations stays in close communication, sharing responsibility for delivering value throughout the development cycle, instead of passing responsibility to another department and forgetting about it.
    • Technology: Practitioners use top-of-the-line technology to improve processes.

    What is DevOps vs agile? Are they the same? That’s a common question in this area. The agile methodology was one of the first improvements over traditional methods, and DevOps is an improvement over agile. We use DevOps at Excel SoftSources.

    Why Is DevOps Valuable?

    DevOps helps companies deliver greater value to customers, but the businesses reap benefits as well.

    For example, DevOps helps a company save time in its processes. Many IT tasks are repetitive, and automation can take them off of to-do lists. This improves motivation for workers who didn’t enjoy those tasks—or got tired of them.

    This focus also encourages a mindset of innovation. Employees understand that improving processes is rewarded rather than frowned on. And innovation leads to shorter development lifecycles in predictable, repeatable routines.

    How to Measure the Success of DevOps

    How is DevOps delivery value measured? Are your DevOps processes really working well, or are you just going through the motions? If you’re interested in how to measure DevOps success, here are two important metrics:

    1. Faster, Better Initial Product Delivery: Companies that are experienced in using DevOps can complete projects up to 30 times more quickly than those that do not. You’ll need to consistently measure your speed of project completion and track any increases to that speed.
    2. Faster Product Updates: You should also track how quickly you can update products to meet user feedback. Find out how long it takes to insert a new line of code into a product. Traditional companies take months. DevOps users can cut this to weeks or even less than one day.

    Take Advantage of DevOps in Your Company

    What is DevOps to you? It can be a source of great benefits to your organization, which you can enjoy quickly through a nearshore partnership with DevOps employees. We can help you keep development projects on track, raise your customer satisfaction, and update products more quickly.

    For expert collaboration and convenient nearshore communication, contact Excel SoftSources today.