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Staff Augmentation Services

    If you have recently heard of the term “staff augmentation” you are probably interested in learning what this encompasses and whether or not it can be beneficial for your company.

    First off, staff augmentation is an outsourcing modality that has the objective of providing your company with the human resources (usually in IT areas) needed for a specific project. Staff augmentation allows a company to save money by utilizing third-party services instead of having to hire more in-house personnel, which in addition to representing a big financial obligation for a company it can also prove challenging, especially when the profile involves a very specific set of skills.

    Staff augmentation is then nothing more than a form of contingent work and it can be useful for companies in very different scenarios, for example, to increase capacity when there is a spike in workflow due to a special project or in the case of seasonal businesses; also, when a company is in search of specialized skills for a limited period of time or to fill in while they hire someone to fulfill long-term needs and even as a strategic move, a competitive advantage to increase speed to market, etc.

    Companies that are considering staff augmentation should investigate different alternatives, one of the most popular these days include hiring nearshore IT companies since this translates into additional savings. Countries such as Costa Rica have gained a reputation for being a hub of technological companies that offer the level of quality and security of working with a reliable U.S. company while being affordable. Costa Rica has an excellent level of college education, as well as up to date technology programs.

    In contrast with offshore IT companies located in India or other faraway locations, nearshore companies have a similar time zone as the US and Canada which makes it considerably easier to maintain good communication, it also gives clients in North America a higher sense of security since meeting your partners is only a short flight away.

    Some of the advantages of hiring a staff augmentation service include:

    • Access to needed specialists: nowadays there are many different fields in the technology area, and some specialists are rare to come across or can be awfully expensive to hire directly or as a freelancer. Staff augmentation can give you access to these specialists at a reasonable price and for the timeframe needed.
    • Eliminate recruitment headache: forget about the long recruiting process, staff augmentation can provide you with skilled professionals on a per-project basis, it is their responsibility to provide you with the service and professionals you need.
    • Increase and decrease workforce on demand: if your company is a seasonable business or you need staff based on the type and number of projects you are taking; staff augmentation is the perfect solution.
    • Lower costs: If you choose to work with a nearshore company the lower rates will allow you to bring down costs; plus, you don’t have to worry about vacation payments, employee benefits, insurance, etc. Not to mention savings on office space, equipment, and operational expenses.

    Staff augmentation basically would allow you to have a larger team working to execute your projects for a fraction of what it would cost you if you had an in-house team.

    Let’s Address the Biggest Concern:

    • Control and Dependency: These are probably two of the biggest concerns for companies looking into staff augmentation as an alternative; however, it should not be a concern if you hire a company that is reliable and works not just as a service provider but as your business partner. “Our company focuses on hiring, building, and retaining IT teams that seamlessly integrate within a company’s current staff. Our goal is to build exceptional relationships with our clients”, explains Tony L., the operations manager at, a company based in Costa Rica. When dealing with a professional IT service company, as a client you should get a transparent monthly fee which should include the service of an account manager that should handle your requirements, address any problems you may encounter, and clarify all questions that may arise. The client always maintains control of the projects and should get complete documentation of all the work developed by the IT company hired.

    The most important thing when considering staff augmentation services should be taking the time to choose the right IT company for your needs.

    Some of the Aspects you Must Consider:

    Experience and References: Feeling comfortable and confident is a must in any business deal. Take your time to pick a service provider that checks most or preferably all your requirements, the secret to a successful business deal is feeling comfortable and trusting the people you are working with. Do your homework, request references, meet virtually or in-person as many times as needed and take a look at previous projects they have been involved in.

    Transparency & Information Security: You need to have transparent and clear communication with your staff augmentation service provider, but you also need to make sure your information is secure, and your intellectual property protected. Carefully evaluate this, ask the companies being considered what is their normal procedure to guarantee information security, and seek necessary legal advice if need be.

    Type and Length of Project: Not every project is suitable to be handled through a staff augmentation strategy, it is important that you carefully evaluate the requirements of your project and whether it will be cost-effective to go with this alternative.

    A professional company that has the experience of dealing with staff augmentation services will be able to offer guidance in all these matters and will be able to provide the services that best suit your business and the projects you require assistance with.

    Request a free consultation and quote from Excel Soft and find the assistance and partner that your company needs to achieve the next level of success.

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